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When Other Cooks Say 'Don't Use'...I Should Listen

Posted on 2016.10.22 at 15:38
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Tried to save money today by making mayo under the tutelage of a few videos, one of them Gordon Ramsay's (but I didn't end up using his recipe).  And as I only keep two oils around, olive and coconut, and I needed to use up an old bottle, I elected to use olive oil.

Despite one video mentioning that you shouldn't use olive oil because it gets made bitter by blenders.

Yeah, this is where the title comes in. XD

Since I need the mayo for a macaroni salad, and the crap I made tasted like rancid motor oil colored by urine (I tried to rescue it later in hopes of using at least some of it, but then needed a Coke to clean my tongue), I ended up going to Grocery Outlet and spending a few dollars after all  (which are getting slim this time of month, which isn't helped by me apparently still having mild difficulty with impulse - hellooooo Steven Universe and Monster High blind bags!) on a bottle of safflower oil, and tried again.

And its good this time!  I'll use sour cream to make up the exta half-cup the recipe calls for.

In other news, seems Zazzle lost a bunch of my products, including one that was selling, so I have to go back and rebuild.  Which I needed to do anyway, as my tags are lacking and I'm sure that didn't help sales any.


P.S - the mac sal is delicious. :)



Posted on 2016.09.18 at 13:58
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I feel like documenting this here, complete with halfassed recipe.  Because I made it up, its weird, and might taste good (or not), and I just feel like writing a recipe, and calculating basic cost.

So I got half a pint of blueberries from the food bank this week, and eggs, and milk, and thought, hmmm, what could I do with them?  I know!  I'll get some breakfast sausages from the Dollar Store (or Tree, I forget), the kind that are more like sticks of ham, because that kind of pork goes good with fruit, and I will make a quiche.  And combined with the frozen crust and cheese I already had, voila!

Blueberry Sausage Quiche

1 frozen 9" crust ($1.99 for pack of 2; Grocery Outlet)
1 half-pint fresh local blueberries (keep the less ripe ones when you sort - adds extra dimension to the flavor because they taste like apple) ($0, food bank)
1 t salt (Real Salt - I forget how much it cost because I bought the bag years ago)
1 t organic pepper (about $2 for 3 T bulk, pre-ground fancy mix; Terra Organica)
1/2 t organic garlic powder (about $3 for 1/4th c bulk; co-op)
1 large pinch cloves (Spice Islands jar I've had for years, so I dunno)
1 large pinch nutmeg (small Durkee jar I've had for years, so ?)
6 John Morell smoked breakfast sausages ($1, Dollar Store), diced
1/2 to 3/4ths c fresh local organic milk ($0, food bank)
5 eggs ($0, food bank)
1 to 1 1/2 c local organic raw white cheddar ($13 for a 2 lb block, co-op; doesn't trigger allergy response)

1) Preheat oven to 375; set frozen crust out to thaw (takes about 10-15 minutes depending on room temp; you can also prebake it according to package directions if you want).
2) Grate cheese into large bowl.
3) Add spices to cheese.
4) Break eggs into small bowl, wisk together with fork.
5) Pour eggs and milk over the cheese and mix with fork until completely integrated; set aside.
6) Spread diced sausage evenly across the bottom of the thawed crust.
7) Place blueberries on top of the sausage.
8) Carefully pour egg mixture over the blueberries, taking care not to stir up the sausage too much.
9) Bake on 375 for 15 minutes, then lower to 350 for 30 minutes.
10) Done when browned on top and knife inserted into middle comes out clean.
11) Allow to cool before cutting.

Serves 8.

And its...
Actually pretty good! :D

Cost for this quiche:  About $1 for the crust, 20 cents for the spices (give or take), $1 for the sausage, $1.50 for the cheese, and the rest was free.  So the whole pie cost about $4.20.  Of course it would have cost a whole lot more if I'd bought all the ingredients, particularly the blueberries.


P.S. - the gc's are now tasked with reminding me, LOUDLY, that next time I want to try a pastry experiment, that fillo dough is one of the WORST things to use when you have limited counter space!!!  And even if you HAVE lots of counter space!!


Indoor Gardening

Posted on 2016.09.05 at 14:32
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A couple days ago I decided to get off my ass and finally do the things I should have at the beginning of the summer, and indeed, bought the supplies for back then.  That being the repotting of plants, fertilizing of the serviceberry, and planting of sorrel in the serviceberry pot.

I didn't actually need to buy fertilizer, I just scooped it out of the worm bucket and added it in while dumping all the dirt from the lemon balm pot into the serviceberry pot, and then scooped a little in to the lemon balm pot and the pot containing the unfortunate plants that my brother's family bought me for Christmas last year as I gave them fresh dirt.  I say 'unfortunate' because they gave me a combo pot of a fern and a pokadot plant, both of which were obviously treated with hormones that have severely limited their growth and stem strength, in a medium that contained hard sand on top, so the fact they've survived this long is almost a miracle.  They barely had any roots, either, when they should have been rootbound by now in their 6" pot.  But now that they're in REAL dirt, they hopefully will be able to get stronger.

I also scattered sorrel seeds on top of the serviceberry dirt, and despite Madeline's insistence on walking on them, they sprouted today!

And of course there are pictures! :DCollapse )


LF Jazz

Today's Cooking Tip

Posted on 2016.09.04 at 10:13
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If you make split pea soup with both bone and buffalo broth (to make up for the lack of ham), you will wind up with something that looks and tastes like vegetarian baked beans. XD

I think the extras in the premade broth prevented the peas from completely dissolving, as no matter how long they cooked, they didn't become fully liquid.  I think when I warm them up I will add molasses and ketchup to definitely make it taste just like baked beans.

This is what it looks like.  But probably not what it tastes like.  And there is no song commemorating it.


Posted on 2016.08.07 at 22:24
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Don't worry, Madeline is back to normal, and is doing fine without lots of kibble.  I think she's realized she feels better when she has her canned or Prowl, both mixed with hot water.  She even ate some canned turkey today, which is a REALLY BIG change.


Madeline had seizures this morning, and researching has led me to realize that back when she was less than one and having daily hyperesthesia episodes they were ALSO seizures, thanks to further veterinary knowledge being put online than was back then - and back then there was still quite a bit.  Enough to let me know she had hyperesthesia, which a vet more or less agreed with, and herbal knowledge enough that I figured out a way to control it.
Over the years...Collapse )

I got a spoonful of Prowl soup with Sparkle and aloe in it and a Trader Joes treat coated with CBD into her which has seemed to provide relief as she's finally gone to sleep in her carrier in the bedroom.

I don't know what I'm going to do.  Despite all the vets in this area, including farm vets, there aren't any low income or inexpensive vets, and the shelter doesn't have a low-income clinic associated with it like the shelters in Spokane did.  You'd think that a city with the highest percentage of poor and homeless people in the state (1/5th of the city's population - and no, they AREN'T college students) would have one.  And I don't even have enough for an office visit, even without the tests that would be needed.  Her chronic pancreatitis could be deteriorating into diabetes finally and she could have had a diabetic episode that caused it/exasperated the existing hyperesthesia...which would need to be proved by tests.  :/

Looks like I'll have to do the same as I did when in the Falls.  Wait until I have money while mitigating it as much as possible through what I already have and info on the internet...and possibly have to use the money to put her to sleep.  She has lived far, far longer than the three years the vet who diagnosed the chronic pancreatitis predicated thanks to me doing the former.  I no longer have family to turn to for help, as you guys know, but they have been reluctant to help with my pets in the past - my parents only helped a little with Spike when I asked for help with euthanasia expenses.  Help keeping him alive?  Noooope.  In fact my parents didn't understand why I even tried.  I'm not even sure what I'm going to do to replace her, since she did and does still wake me up when I stop breathing, but for that I guess I'll just have to trust in God. :)



Food Bank Tip

Posted on 2016.07.19 at 20:18
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Wait and go about half an hour or so before closing time. They'll let you load up on fresh veggies, and sometimes get extra freezer and refrigerated foods. Whatever's perishable that they don't want to just throw out.

I got a shitload of veggies yesterday: enough for a couple pots of diet soup, one or more quiches, and to get sick of lettuce. And a bag full of what I think are turmeric roots - or maybe ginger. Or maybe both mixed together - it's a bunch of inch long pieces. I'll have to cook with one or two to find out. ;) I also found out that the package of what I thought was pickled plums I've had in my fridge for months is actually pickled beets with ginger and honey, and they're delicious.


UPDATE: after a bit of research, turmeric rhizomes look like giant grubs, and these look like grubs, so I'm pretty sure that's what they are. Might be a few gingers in there, tho.



Posted on 2016.07.13 at 18:23
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Edible. However, crumbly, as the ratio of eggs and cheese to peas and carrots was not high enough. Possibly a bit of flour should be added. And it needed more salt and dill.



Food Bank Foodie

Posted on 2016.07.13 at 17:26
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Sometimes when you get food from the food bank, you get things you don't know what to do with.

Fortunately my current local bank lets us 'shop', and has a lot of fresh (mostly) local veggies, milk, and eggs, plus frozen meat and baked goods from the groceries along with the typical varied canned foods. They also have a nice big building with varied ways to store food. So I mostly get staples and other items that I am familiar with, along with the occasional new items to try.

On the other side of the spectrum was the first food bank I went to. It served 3 very small towns, and their building' was an unheated shipping container with shelves and a couple freezers. Your choice was 'grab your one-bag-per-person or not', along with any random fruits or veggies farmers might have brought in that day that were left in boxes on the tiny porch. So I often wound up with a bag full of random cans and random unmarked plastic bags of stuff that were either beans or something truly random like chopped dates or potato starch. And sometimes fruit or potatoes. I couldn't depend on it for staples like I can now. But the random items *were* helpful - I just had to be creative in their use. And do a lot of recipe research. And buy things like a breadmaker (which sadly gave up the ghost earlier this year after 8 years of service). I also gardened like I detailed earlier in this very blog.

So now I have no garden, but a much better food bank to go to. Which gave me a couple months ago a 3 pound bag of frozen peas and carrots. Granted, this is not an actual problem item...it was just frozen pretty solid, and there was a lot of it, but thawing and refreezing it repeatedly when getting out small portions would have eventually resulted in a pea and carrot mush. So I waited until I got an idea for most or all of it.

Said idea, a large frittata, is currently in the oven. And if it works, I think I will call it 'dilly pea and carrot frittata'. The unfortunate thing is that I usually add a little dash of nutmeg to my quiches for flavor enhancement, but...there was a booboo and its got at least a teaspoon in it. That's when I decided to add garlic and about a tablespoon and a half of dill to the 8 eggs and 2+ cups of white cheddar which I hope are enough to hold it together. And sliced hotdogs on top as I like my quiches/frittatas to be as complete a meal as possible.

Hopefully it will be good. Or at least edible. Its taking quite a while to bake, even with the temp raised.



Days Like Today Are Why My Town Is Awesome

Posted on 2016.07.09 at 21:50
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And why living downtown is good.

The inaugural Downtown Market Walk was today. What does this mean? Free samples of delicious local food! And my city's businesses (except for one) give BIG samples! :D So...breakfast consisted of cookies, granola, cheeses, chai, yogurt, kefir, my first bite of kimchi, a spoonful of icecream, and a 'pork slider kit' that I ate as a salad. And a free canvas market bag! :D And a lot of walking, which I'm tolerating much better. :D

And then I went to a movie. zrath's favorite The Iron Giant, in fact, for $1! :D And a nice little discussion afterwards about the themes.

Ahh, it twas a fine day! :D


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